We’ve thrown around some vague descriptions of what kind of power we get out of our industrial-engine-turned-motorcycle, but we figured it was time to get some actual numbers to stand behind. Below is a link to a PDF of our two dyno runs. On the first run we had some supercharger problems, but we re-calibrated and gave it another go with much better results. The drop in the middle is when the throttle dumps to allow the two-speed centrifugal clutch to switch gears.


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Tackling Petersburg Pass

Petersburg Pass, NY; it’s a section of Route 2 between Troy, New York and North Adams, Massachusetts. A four mile addition to your odometer will result in an increase of 1,260 feet in your elevation. No, it’s not the biggest peak out there, but it is one of the highest points on New York’s state highway system.

Naturally, this seemed like the perfect place to take our two-speed KZ-400 on a test run.

Overall, the ride went very well. The bike performed just as we expected – and most importantly, noting broke! It had enough torque to make it all the way to the top (starting at an elevation of roughly 500 feet just outside of Troy), though it was slow going for the last few miles. At low to moderate inclines, the bike was able to maintain between 40-45 mph, which is what it is geared for at max RPM, but the steeper sections saw the speed drop off to between 20-25 mph.

Over the 37.8 miles traveled (including uphill and downhill), the bike averaged 94.5 miles-per-gallon of straight diesel.

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World Maker Faire

Come visit us at World Maker Faire 2012 this weekend, September 29th and 30th! It’s being held at the New York Hall of Science, 47-01 111th Street, Queens. We’ll be somewhere in “Zone C” from 10am to 6pm both days (just listen for the loud engine and look for the plume of black exhaust).

See me at Maker Faire!


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KZ400 Land Speed Run

Here’s a quick video of the KZ400 launching on one of the Loring speed trial runs. Not the best video of the bike, but an excellent video of the exhaust soot.

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The Results Are In…

In July 2012, our KZ400 Diesel made its way back to the Loring Timing Association’s “Maine Event” at the former Loring Air Force base.

We ran essentially the same bike as 2011, with the exception of the transmission – a custom built two-speed, using two centrifugal clutches.  There were a few other minor changes: clubman handlebars, stronger valve springs, ram air intake, high level megaphone exhaust, and a modified governor putting max RPMs up to 4,500.  We made runs with and without a fairing, which allowed us to set records in both streamlined and non-streamlined classes.

Last year, our top speed was 56.3. This year, four new records were set in the non-streamlined and streamlined classes, for both the mile and 1.5 mile courses.

A-AF/350-4 : 1 mile : 57.3
A-AF/350-4 : 1.5 mile : 58.2
APS-AF/350-4 : 1 mile : 59.0
APS-AF/350-4 : 1.5 mile : 59.2

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Alternate fuels. Alternate ideas.

Welcome to the collected pages and blog of the projects associated with Petche Racing. This blog will host updates on projects currently in progress. The tabs on the top bar will bring you to pages describing past projects, as well as other info.

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